DWI/OWI Assessments

Achievement Associates is a state-approved assessment facility for conducting DWI/OWI Drug or Alcohol Assessments.

Wisconsin Court-Ordered Alcohol Drug Assessments

Wisconsin drivers who are convicted of any OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) offense* are mandated to undergo an alcohol or drug screening and evaluation. Within 72 hours of the OWI conviction, the person must contact an approved state-approved assessment facility within their county of residence.

  1. As part of the assessment, a driver safety plan will be developed for the individual to follow.
  2. Based on the assessor’s findings during the evaluation, the driver safety plan will include education and/or treatment programs.
  3. The alcohol or drug assessment interview must be conducted by a state-approved alcohol or drug abuse (ADOA) assessor.
  4. When the assessment is completed, a report is submitted for the Wisconsin DMV.
  5. Based on the assessor’s findings and recommendations, the DMV will determined whether the screened individual will have their driver’s license returned.
  6. The assessment may recommend that the person is only eligible for an occupational license.
  7. Failure to adhere to the occupational license restrictions will culminate in a withdrawal of the person’s driver license.
    Occupational License Restrictions

  • This is a restricted license that limits when and where they may drive.
  • The person cannot receive another OWI will in the plan.
  • The driver cannot fail to show up for any scheduled assessments
  • The driver must abide by the driver safety plan – developed for them.
  • The driver must pay all related assessment or driver safety plan fees.

* Wisconsin drivers who were convicted of OWI for the first time and had a BAC level between .08 and less than .10 are exempt from the assessment and the driver safety plan.


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The .08 BAC Law in Wisconsin — 2 page PDF outlines the .08 BAC standard, plus a chart that estimates the blood or breath alcohol concentration based on a person’s gender, weight and number of drinks.