Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling Services

Many relationships experience difficulty at some point. These patterns can evolve into cyclical “negative interaction” cycles. The causes for this are diverse and may include one or more of the following: insecure attachments, ego, arrogance, jealousy, anger, greed, poor communication, poor listening skills, misunderstandings, lack of problem-solving skills, ill health, third parties and more.

Whether positive or negative, changes in situations such as financial situations, physical health, and influences of other family members can have a profound impact on a couple and cause stress on the relationship.

Counseling is often the beginning to solving the problem. Perceptions and emotional responses to the relationship are explored collaboratively and discussed openly. Through continued communication and enlightenment, the couple can begin to rebuild and explore their relationship.

  • Communicating through Active Listening – creating a safe environment to express and hear feelings
  • Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C)
  • Behavioral Couples Therapy (or “integrative behavioral couples therapy”)

Can Couples Counseling Work?

Comments and Recommendations from Couples:

    “One of the many things I learned from therapy is that relationships are just plain hard, no matter what. It is really easy sometimes when you’re in the middle of bad times to just feel like you’re with the wrong person. Hang in there…After a painful year in therapy, we finally reached the point where all the lessons we had learned in therapy were starting to make sense. We began to reconnect and our times together began to be more enjoyable (like it was when we first started our relationship). It has only grown from there.”

    “Interview a few therapists. Your therapist has to be someone you BOTH feel comfortable with.”

    “Been there. What made the difference? Our counselor. She made us be completely honest with each other – no holds barred. We were both committed to trying. This counselor held us to a high standard and held us to our commitment to really examine ALL the aspects of our lives together. She taught us new ways to communicate with each other. It was incredibly hard work and was really scary.

    Long-term relationships are an ongoing challenge, but I feel we learned so much about how to handle what life throws at us AND how to grow through it. So if you’re willing to work, counseling can work.”

    “I highly recommend Couples Counseling to others, especially when things aren’t yet at a critical point. I think it’s less successful if you wait until things are really bad. Good luck.”