Specialized Tutoring for Students

For Students of All Abilities — K through Grad School

specialized-tutoring-for-k-thru-grad-school-young-girlOur time-tested methodology and individualized programs build confidence and improve academic performance. We will help your student to maximize study and academic skills, develop strong study habits, and ultimately prepare them for a rewarding academic career in the workforce of the 21st century. In addition, our programs in reading, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, humanities, and foreign languages are well known in public and private academic institutions (where we fortunately receive many referrals). Our educators are not just “study buddies” who observe or help supervise homework tasks. We require our educators to teach the materials necessary to have your student become successful in the classroom and beyond. Achievement Associates educators are supervised to ensure that they meet, maintain and even surpass our high standards.

specialized-tutoring-for-k-thru-grad-school-young-boyIt is our experience that many of our students become Life-Long Learners and develop fine critical thinking skills, we are proud of this fact. Many of our students stop in to visit us over the years and send us updates regarding their academic and professional development. Some seek further consultation regarding career and vocational concerns. This, of course, delights us and we are always available to help and provide information.

A number of our students are learners at the AP level and take advantage of our popular Science & Math R US Programs. Here, any Achievement Associates student can meet with one of our MDs, Ph.D.s, or other related professionals, all with degrees within our organization. Of course, this service is free of charge for our clientele, as students are encouraged to openly discuss career issues and inquiries about medicine, law, behavioral health, nursing, speech pathology, nutrition, engineering, and education (just to name a few). We have a special program for girls who are at risk of “slipping through the cracks” and decide not to consider careers in science and/or mathematics because they are afraid they might not fit in.

Please contact us, to arrange for your student to meet with a “Science & Math R US professional” at your convenience or to discuss possible assessment. We have found these programs to be very informative and quite motivating for many of our students, not just our gifted learners. 

specialized-tutoring-for-k-thru-grad-school-advanced-mathematicsSome students are “slow starters” which is quite normal in human development terms. These students are also given special attention, and feel really great about their uniqueness and accomplishments, we see to that! Many of these students do very well in college and develop wonderful, fulfilling careers.

Our “Portfolio Program” begins in the 8th grade and continues through high school graduation. This special 5-year program helps to maximize a student’s personal and academic potential while finding the right college fit — all for one affordable fee. Students can enter this program at any time. However, those students who start the program earlier will benefit the most. Dr. Bernard O’Connell (“Bernie”) is known far and wide for his impressive professional acumen and special rapport with students and their families. Simply put, students adore “Bernie” and respect his dedication to student achievement! In addition, Dr. O’Connell, along with several of our other fine educators, is available for ACT/SAT and other standardized test preparation.

We are proud to say that the majority of our clients are from Wisconsin or Chicagoland. Special hours are dedicated to clients who travel long distances (from Chicago, Madison, and similar distant locations). Telephone tutorial consultations are also available. If you require overnight accommodations, our intake staff will be happy to help you make special arrangements for lodging and other special requirements and considerations.

  • Gifted Learners
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Behavioral Concerns
  • Tutoring and Teaching all subjects including Advanced Math, Science, Chemistry and Physics
  • ADD/ADHD, kids and adults
  • “Regular students” little and big

Please feel free to contact Dr. Neena Florsheim or our intake staff with any questions or behavoural concerns you may have or just call to make an appointment. We’re here to help! 

Health insurance benefits cover some of the above services. Please call for additional information: (262)241-5099